• INFO
    New Feature
    Feb 2021 Drug Steal
    New Attack - Steal Drugs: Each Dealer Follower you have can hold & protect a given number of drugs during this attack. Any drugs held in hand by a follower is protected from stealing.

    New Feature
    Feb 2021 Tracking Features
    New Tracking Features added, tracking: 1)Followers Killed 2) Followers Stolen 3) Followers Lost 4) Cash Stolen 5) Cash Lost....more to come on this feature and possible rewards and extras to be given for rankings at end of rounds

    Feb 2021 Ultimate Account
    Upon Winning Ultimate Account from a round, players account will be enabled to Auto Join All future Rounds when they are created

    Feb 2021 Ultimate Accounts
    Currently Ultimate Accounts can only be obtained by winning it in a round where Ultimate is Available. (Ultimate will be available for purchasing over £100 of MPG credits in future). Upon obtaining Ultimate from winning a round, you will also receive any round prize stated, Gifted to your account automatically. You will also receive the opportunity to Add a Charm to buy brought within rounds via the Charm Shop.

    Feb 2021 Prize system
    Ultimate account status can now be obtained by winning certain rounds. This will be stated in the round description. Ultimate accounts are currently in development and will have added extras and features in future.