• INFO
    Jan 2021 Core Script Updates
    Core functions undergone another optimization, clean up of old and duplicated functions. Attack functions optimization to prevent injection via url. Anti farming script updated, accounts will auto ban on three strike system.

    Jan 2021 Travel & Cities
    Cities and Travelling between them have been removed, for a revamp. They will return as a round specific feature in future

    New Feature
    Jan 2013 Training Update
    Depending upon the round settings now, when training your followers may or may not be able to assist in increasing your stat gain

    Jan 2013 Training Update
    Dealers now only generate drugs during traing and do not return drugs and cash. The cash return from Thugs and Whores has been decreased

    Jan 2013 Core script Update
    Major update done to the games core, including removal of dead functions and optimization of scripting