• INFO
    Apr 2021 Police Force
    Police now accept bribes when detaining players for questioning. What they will take as a bribe is determined at random. But includes Cash/Drugs & Turns. Currently Bribes are automatically carried out, if you have no cash/drugs or turns the bribe will fail and you will be detained, leaving you open to attack

    Apr 2021 Core Optimization
    Currently updating core systems and functions removing and updating functions to reduce server load and page load times

    New Feature
    Apr 2021 Mob Donation Rates
    When a player joins a mob now they automatically agree to donate a set % of any cash they produce to the mob. This amount can be altered from by the Mob Leader from 0 to 15%

    New Feature
    Apr 2021 Mob Drug Market
    Introducing the Mob Drug Market, Works the same as the main Drug Market but only the Mob Leader and Co Leader can buy or sell drugs in the Market using Mob Cash

    Mar 2021 Attack System
    With the introduction of the Advanced War Attack, The entire Attack System has been updated. In Total there is now 15 different attack types available.