• INFO
    Feb 2021 Round system
    Multiple Rounds can be hosted at any given time, each with its own unique setup and game speed. Rounds can be independently paused and restarted for adjustments and possible in-game issues. If a round is paused whilst players are active they with automatically be removed from the round and returned to the main selection page. If a Round is paused for more then a few minutes all players drugs will be sold and all cash banked automatically before the round is reactivated, to prevent any loss

    Feb 2021 Prize System
    Each round All Top 10 None PR Accounts will receive 5 Days of PR to use in any around they wish. These can be banked and added too over multiple rounds to use at any point in future.

    Feb 2021 Money Generation
    Stats system is now linked to follower money production, once stats are in range of 50-55% a given bonus % of total cash produced is awarded, once stat go out of this range the bonus is not applied.

    Feb 2021 Weapon Shop
    Stat system in weapon shop updated to take into account all stat boost packs/machines now available via Mob machines and user packs

    New Feature
    Feb 2021 Auto Join Round
    When a new round is generated, if a member is signed up to the Auto Join Feature. Their account will automatically be put into all new rounds created and if wanted create a mob, So on first sign in for any new rounds your account will be setup and active.